Why is STEM Important for my Child?

To tackle the hurdles in the STEM crisis, it's our job as parents and educators to encourage our children to try their hands at STEM subjects; whether we simply want to boost creativity in daily life or begin the track to a STEM career.

 STEM has the power to impact all of us, whether you are raising a future Einstein or a more creative-based right brain child.

It prepares kids for the technological innovations that they will undoubtedly experience in their lifetimes.  The past 60 years has seen a huge amount of technological advances which have changed they way our society functions.  From the invention of the internet, GPS, DNA fingerprinting, to the iPod, inventions have been fast and exciting.  Step back for a moment...consider our current world without these technologies - that a different place that would be!  Now cast your mind forward to the future technologies which our children will create - what exciting technologies of the future will they create?

STEM teaches problem-solving skills. STEM helps a child figure out why his model truck will not move, using engineering and other skills to analyze, identify and then solve the problem.  This whole process will give your children so much confidence and will teach them how to explain challenges they might face through real world examples.

In an age where techie greats like Mark Zuckerberg are household names, it's never been cooler to be a member of the school computer club.  And if your child does have an opportunity to participate in a STEM-based club, encourage them - because it has been shown that participants in these "nerdy" clubs have an increased knowledge of STEM-based skills, like analytical thinking, computer skills, communication, and teamwork.  And further, they are more likely to graduate in a STEM area and pursue a STEM-based career.

And then there is Creativity.  Which absolutely can co-exist with the core STEM skills.  Look at Architecture - STEM skill and creativity are both required here.  And then think of Art, which also uses a great variety of STEM skills. Graphic design combined with STEM - do you see how it is all combined?

Providing your child an introduction to  STEM will help them develop crucial thinking and social skills, as well as give them a taste for discovery and learning.  Give your child a head start in STEM, and provide them with the resources, activities, and projects which naturally introduce STEM.  Here at Make Play Be, you will find a huge range of STEM (and STEAM - more on that later) toys, in fact, we believe we have selected the best STEM toys which will help your child learn as they Play and Make and then Be all which they can be.